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Boy, did we have some good times in Amsterdam. Over a decade we served nice customers, doing great projects from the best office we could wish for. We did creative (re)designs - produced video clips, commercials and infomercials - and developed many, many websites. Most of it was seriously good, some of it was pure brilliance, all of it was seriously fun. And yet, we all felt the urge to move on..

So we spread our wings and moved elsewhere. Anka is still Ambush, albeit in London, UK. Dani is still Montesinos, albeit in Cadiz, Spain (or Amsterdam when it's not too bloody cold). Will is still DanceTrippin', albeit in Maryland, USA (and Ibiza in the summer, obviously). And Pete is still HITmedia, albeit in Cwmifor, Wales (probably fiddling with his tractor on his smallholding).

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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